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Premium Calisthenics/ Gymnastics Rings – the ultimate tool to elevate your bodyweight training experience. Crafted with precision and designed for versatility, these rings are the perfect addition to your fitness routine, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete.

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As an advanced athlete, this device brings variety and more flexibility to your weekly training schedule – it can be carried and attached anywhere: be it a beam in the attic or a tree in the garden.

But beginners also benefit from the advantages of this free style of training. You determine the selection, number of repetitions, and execution of the exercises yourself – allowing professionals to start training at a high level, while beginners can gradually get accustomed.

  • Enhanced performance with optimal grip on premium birch wood
  • Olympic-standard dimensions confirmed over time for the wooden rings (18cm diameter, 2.8cm ring thickness)
  • Assured safety with durable straps featuring sewn, unbreakable length indicators (4.5m length, 3.8cm width)
  • Simple setup with robust buckles for quick and precise adjustments
  • Each side can bear a maximum weight of 300kg with the strap and ring
  • Easy and convenient transportation of rings and straps with a tough canvas bag equipped with a zipper
  • Composition of rings: Made entirely of 100% birch wood


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